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Social Media Marketing

We assist you in defining your information and business goals, along with all required information to create appropriate documentation for all social media marketing efforts. We use ad tools to identify audience sizes based on keywords, interests, and influencers.

These will enable us to define competitors across all social media platforms, identify the networks they’re active on based on industry keyword research and client interviews. We also create a baseline for current social performance based on analytics data and social media monitoring. Jwone Media Ltd will be your ever-present trending enhancer on every social media.

Website Development

Here at Jwone Media Ltd we research and understand the personal needs, unique value propositions of our clients, and current performance metrics.

Our approach is based on industry experience coupled with data-driven analysis and research. We define information pathways that help your users become informed and convert. Through team involvement and a drive towards simplicity, we cut through the clutter and focus on business goals. We design best-in-class interactive experiences and evolve brands. We create game-changing digital experiences. Our team is versed in a wide range of technologies. The design is more than how something looks–design is how something works.


What we deem perhaps more important to you than understanding what content marketing is, is understanding why content marketing is important to your business. Prior to awareness, a customer may have a need, but they are not aware there is a solution.

Once a customer is aware there is a solution, they will perform research to educate themselves. For example, a car buyer will try to find out what different types of cars exist, and which one will fit their needs. At this point the customer starts comparing different products from different vendors to make sure they’re getting a high quality product at a fair price. Finally, the customer makes their decision and moves forward with the transaction. Traditional advertising and marketing is great when it comes to the second two steps. Content marketing taps into the first two stages of the buying process by raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers about a product they may have never considered before. Jwone Media Ltd can make your content matter on the World Wild Web.

Branding, Identity
& Logo Design

At Jwone Media Ltd we have the firm conviction that your logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product. There has been some recent discussion on the web about this topic, about your logo not being your brand. We wish to rectify this. Your brand is a perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

Your identity are the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. Meanwhile your logo identifies your business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. Our qualified and creative team will make your brand, identity and logo more evident to all your target web stakeholders.

Search Engine

Search engines want to show the “best” results possible — the most relevant, most expert and highest quality web pages that will satisfy the searcher.

To do this, the engines look at more than 200 factors to determine a web page’s relevance to a search request. To ensure that our clients top the search lists of their respective domains, we see to it that some of these factors are woven into the fabric of their websites(on-page elements, server speed, etc.). We also include trust signals based on links from reputable sites and social media engagement (off-page factors). No single web page, even with the best search engine optimization in the world, can be perfect in all 200+ ranking factors, but the visibility we create for our clients is incontestable.